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A brand, isn't just a logo.

If you are a small business owner and find yourself lost when it comes to branding and marketing content. I'm here to help! As a business major, the daughter of small business owners and a small business owner myself I know the importance of projecting a trust worthy and reputable brand. I additionally know how time consuming it really is to try and get content for social media, websites and marketing.

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business."
- Steve Forbes

We now live in a world where everything comes in visually  (food, clothing, services, vacations, products, experiences, etc).  Having a strong, cohesive and professional brand image is not a luxury anymore but an ESSENTIAL component for the success of a business.


I come across a lot of small business owners that can't produce or have no time to produce quality content that encompasses their brand to display on their website or social media. What happens when you display the same couple of photographs over and over again? The business then projects to be unexperienced. Clients want trustworthy products & services that they can rely on and that begins in the way you project yourself and your brand. 


If you find that you are coming across this same issue for your business & are looking for a solution.. I'm here to help you and here is how! 

How does our process work?

Our process is very simple yet unique to every business. Our photography is purposeful and strategically thought out to encompass your authentic business image. 


Step 1. Meeting

This step is essential for both of us to learn more about each other & most importantly learn about your business. We discuss what makes your business uniquely you, what your goals are for the business brand and what you are wanting to showcase the most.


Step 2. Vision Board

Next is a personally designed vision board based off of our meeting that we both can contribute ideas to.

You will have the ability to review the vision board so that we are both on the same page. We additionally make a list of the specific photographs you are needing taken.


Step 3. Photoshoot Day

Finally, we get the photos taken! 

Wardrobe assistance is offered to make sure we project the correct image for your brand. The length and location of the session varies depending on the business' brand and vision. All photographs delivered are hand edited and in high resolution ready to use for all of your platforms!

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